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Now you're SET!
Find your perfect combination of comfort by chosing one of our specially packaged Cushion Sets. Our Pleasure, Energy, Receiver and Comfort Sets™ support you in a variety of activities, wherever you go. So get ready, get SET!  
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Customize your comfort even further by adding Individual Cushions or Cushions Pairs to one of our specially packged Sets.

All Pillow Talk® SETS include:

Available in three environmentally friendly* colors:
color swatches fabrics   color swatches fabrics   color swatches fabrics
Earth   Natural  Olive
* Natural undyed or low-impact dyed.
Natural cotton covers can be dyed to
   the color of your choice by using a
   natural or commercial dye.


Comfort Set
Face comfort head on with this versatile 3-piece set.

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Receiver Set
Now it's YOUR turn to receive. Perfect for expectant mothers!

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Energy Set
Featured in Modern Bride!
A much healthier choice than coffee or an energy drink!

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Pleasure Set
Your ultimate choice for endless combinations of comfort and pleasure.

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Pillow Talk™ Cushion Construction
100% Organic Cotton CoversMoisture-Resistant Nylon LinersHigh-Density Polyurethane Foam Inserts  
Durable Nylon Thread Machine Washable Covers & Liners Heavy-Duty Zipper Closures
CFC-free Made in USA Sweatshop-free

Frequent use increases foam's longevity!

Our cushions provide support for: Yoga, driving, flying, spa treatments, acupuncture, massage, health treatment, watching TV, at the computer, exercising, making love, meditating, sitting, sleeping, at the park, at the stadium, theatre seating, event seating, benches, floors, couches, chairs, Tantra, conceiving, pregnancy...

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