Worship Wedge

Pay hommage to comfort!

A taller version of the Meditation Wedge™, this 5" wedge affords the same uses while it's substantial heigth provides the added solution for those preferring an increased angle of support. Ideal for stabilizing under-supported or shift-prone surfaces such as soft beds and couches.

Modify seats for maximum spinal support or customize high-back seats and support head, neck and shoulders. Sit on it cross-legged for a balanced torso and upper body and minimize joint stress during meditation or Yoga.

"Wanna-be" Moms lovingly call this wedge the Conception Cushion. During lovemaking, place under your pelvis for the perfect angle.
Expectant Moms love to rest their beautiful bellies on the Worship Wedge™ while lying on their sides.

High Wedge Cushion  14"L x 12.5"W x 5"H

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Available in three environmentally friendly* colors:
color swatches fabrics   color swatches fabrics   color swatches fabrics
Earth   Natural   Olive

* Natural undyed or low-impact dyed.
Natural cotton covers can be dyed to the color of
your choice
by using a natural or commercial dye.

Because each cushion is individually
produced, all sizes are approximate

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