Meditation Wedge

Our most popular individual cushion!

Modify just about any seat! Provide support to bottom and lower back and create the perfect base of support for your spine, or customize those high-back seats such as car, airplane and recliners by placing behind your head and neck and/or the top of your shoulders.

Use to reduce knee stretch during meditation or Yoga. Sitting on it while cross-legged allows your torso and upper body feel balanced and at ease.

“Wanna-be” Moms lovingly call this wedge the Conception Cushion. During lovemaking, place under your pelvis for the perfect angle.

Expectant Moms
love to rest their beautiful bellies on the Meditation Wedge™ while lying on their sides.

Low Wedge Cushion   12”L x 12”W x 3”H

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Available in three environmentally friendly* colors:
color swatches fabrics   color swatches fabrics   color swatches fabrics
Earth   Natural   Olive

* Natural undyed or low-impact dyed.
Natural cotton covers can be dyed to the color of
your choice
by using a natural or commercial dye.

Because each cushion is individually
produced, all sizes are approximate

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