Buddy Butter

Edible body balm that makes love to your skin and your lover.

This exclusive formula was created by our celestial alchemist, ByNieves, who has over 15 years experience in the natural body and skin care fields. Carefully handmade in boutique batches, our Buddy Butter™ balm is made with only the highest quality natural ingredients

Stevia, an herb which adds the slightest taste of sweet, is a natural antimicrobial so it doesn’t promote yeast growth.

Any way you use it, this lovely body balm is a wonderful treat. The texture is perfect for massage. (Remember to taste it as you rub it into your lovers’ skin!).  It also makes an excellent emollient for everyday use, a great a gloss for lips, and a conditioner for hair.

Apply passionately!  

Ingredients: Raw Organic Coconut Oil, Soy Wax, Organic Sesame Oil, Peru Balsam, Essential Oils, Stevia

No animal testing. (if you don’t count the PillowTalk.net® staff!) 

Polyurethane friendly.     Not for use with latex.

Large $24.95
Small $6.95

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