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Whether it is at work or home, rest or play, our mission at PillowTalk.net® is to provide support where and when you need it most. When your body is fully supported, you relax and feel nurtured, allowing you to enjoy the pleasures that life offers.

PillowTalk.net® is the first to develop and offer an extensive line of orthopedic cushions with a unique combination of features and ergonomic design that perfectly aligns and supports your body.

Each cushion is composed of high-resiliency CFC-free foam supports, 100% organic cotton covers, and durable, moisture-resistant linings. The covers and liners are easy to care for and machine washable. You can feel confident with your purchase knowing that everything in our line is eco-friendly and 100% made and produced in the U.S.A.

Whatever the activity, wherever life's journey may lead, remember that PillowTalk.net® is your ultimate destination for comfort and pleasure!

"Pillow Talk® cushions support the natural alignment of your body
no matter what position you find yourself in."
- Lana Sandahl, Chiropractor

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